Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Season of Love

I am telling myself summer is over -- college football has kicked off, I have gone back to work and our dining room table is filled with school supplies.  In so many ways, this summer has been wonderful. It has seemed long and productive, as well as restful and restorative.  The kids have spent most of the summer in a bathing suit and I've gotten to work out almost daily, which is what I consider success. Anna Cate and Molly both did swim team, which is such a big part of our summer, keeping us on schedule and active.  We talked our best friends, Luke and Leana, to get King Dominion passes. We vacationed in the beautiful black hills of South Dakota with my family, and the girls and I took a three week road trip to the beach and my home town. We've been with friends, we've relaxed and I think it has been a summer of fun and of lessons.

In South Dakota,  we learned the lesson of how important family is. Sharing our vacation with extended family was quite memorable!
I enjoyed an amazing weekend trip with college friends to New York.
The girls were happy with a babysitter and Daddy, and I hope the lesson is how important girl time is!

In swim team, we learned the lesson of showing up and listening to your coaches. One day, Molly didn't want to go to practice and she said, "I just feel like they are always criticizing me." The lesson she learned is that what sometimes feels like criticism is actually just someone trying to help you.

And there are things more important than competition -- friendship. Swim team allowed Anna Cate the opportunity to see her friend Elise, whose brother swims for another team. 

Visiting King's Dominion with 4 kids of different interest on thrill rides at three different height levels taught the kids how to compromise. …I think.  One day, when I was felt defeated that the kids didn't exactly get what they wanted, I told Luke after the berserker, his favorite ride, was closed, "I just want everyone to be happy," and he said, "I am happy." So, I learned some lessons too.

In August, the girls and I made a 3 week road trip, including a beach trip and time with family and friends.  

 The lesson here is the scenery is always better with a friend!

We squeezed in a visit with my dear friend Mary Helen, whose hospitality and wisdom blends her love of spirit with love of cooking and it was so special to be in her kitchen. She helped the girls prepare a meal for our friend, Meg.
These are friends we have because of my brother -- they are family members of his roommates in college. Interesting how life opens up friendships in all sorts of contexts, providing connections. 

In the midst of all our experiences, we enjoyed extra down time and I took advantage of time to sleep, run, do crossfit and practice yoga. I hope the lesson for my daughters is not "my mom is high maintenance who needs a lot of sleep and exercise," but that Anna Cate and Molly learn the value in taking care of yourself and your body. 

In Tennessee, we enjoyed slower pace of life before our life picked back up to rush of the routine back here.  
Needless to say, I enjoyed the time with my family. 
The girls enjoyed time with family in Tennessee, too.

 We got to see Kitty find herself in a starting kindergarten, and we visited her for lunch a couple days. 

The girls experienced a lovely Sunday afternoon, listening to live music and enjoying good food with a bunch of people who'd gone to church Sunday morning.  Check out this amazing gal here.
 And this gal's music here.

We reveled in the time with our family friends in Kentucky. 

We wrapped up the road trip with an overnight visit with my aunt, where the kids were treated to a real flying Chinese lantern and special attention and care from aunt.

We spent the last Sunday before I went back to work with a last hurrah spending the morning honoring the baptism of our friend, Jackson and the afternoon at a Nats game. 

But just as I was thinking life was sad since summer was over, we went to bed  Sunday night, ready to put summer 2015 in the memory books, we received the glorious message that the girls have a baby cousin.

Life continues to unfold joy in the seasons of every journey.  More of our summer here in this video.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Reflections on Life, turning 39 and the Journey

Summer is in full swing and there is so much to do, so much to write about and reflect upon. We kicked off swim team, enjoyed a family vacation out west, and are dealing with some pretty crushing news and facts of life.  I'll save summer memories and family vacation for another blog, but before I can write about anything, I have to process (by writing about) thoughts about life.  

Last month, I turned 39, and I've developed a little tradition of treating myself to a birthday run and/or writing to reflect on my life (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010). So on June 16 as I turned 39, I set out to run 9 miles in the Chancellorsville battlefield. As usual, I reflected on life and let the music lead my mind.  
The first song was "Keep your Head Up," and I couldn't help think about BJ.  I enjoyed the sights, alone time, and the feeling of gratitude for health, love and family.  But I couldn't quit thinking about what life will have in store for BJ and me.  To make a long story short, he has been experiencing a tremor in his right arm, and our local neurologist suspects it is early onset Parkinson's Disease.   (He gave me permission to talk/blog about this)

As I was running, I enjoyed the music and about mile 6, the music stopped. I tried to continue running, but I just can't stand hearing myself out of breath as I run, so I walked.  Yet, I still enjoyed myself as I heard different sounds -- the rustle of the trees, the flow of the creek, and my slow, steady breath.  I thought, maybe life is going to be like this -- the sounds might change, we might not continue running, but there are different sounds to enjoy.

From what we've learned you don't actually get a "Parkinson's Disease" diagnosis; you just rule out other things from brain and blood tests, and the doctors make predictions based on symptoms.  The night before my birthday, In went out with dear friends and they encouraged me to try to get the MRI and blood test results before we went on vacation.  I tried to talk to BJ about this, but soon I realized, he really doesn't want to know. 

The night of my birthday, we went out as a family to the same restaurant where BJ and I had our first date; we sat at the same booth. 

He wanted to enjoy our trip. So we headed west and had the experience of a lifetime; my parents and brother's family joined us and it was all lovely. BJ's tremor was quite noticeable, yet it didn't hinder a thing. Before we left, we admitted to each other that we both think it is indeed Parkinson's Disease.

I posted pictures to my social media of choice, instagram, and got a sweet text from my dear friend Whitney about our trip.  I had been meaning to connect with her; if it is on my heart, I have to share it with my friends. So one day at lunch in Hill City, South Dakota, I texted her some niceties about our vacation and about what is going on with BJ; she responded with care and concern as well as the astounding information that with her new job, she now focuses on Parkinson's Disease,  and had just come back from several days with the top experts. 

We finished our vacation, and the night before we left "mountain time" I enjoyed an amazing respite in Denver, Colorado with my dear friend Lisa. We drank wine by her outdoor fire, talked about kids, life, health. . .and enjoyed hot yoga together the next morning. She showered the girls with gifts and hugs as she picked me up and dropped me off at our Denver hotel. 

We returned from vacation to life, to swim team, and on July 2, after swim practice, I dropped the girls off with "MumMum" and met BJ at the neurologist's office. We received the news we both were anticipating. The MRI and blood tests were all clear, and at this stage, it seems like Parkinson's Disease.  

I have presented the news to Anna Cate and Molly like this: your mom is forgetful; your dad has a tremor. He is going to be ok.  All the people I told about the appointment, I felt like I should go back and tell them what's going on, but we have the rest of our lives to let everyone else know.  It seems that some people hide this, but since he has a tremor and is married to me, the most open person possible, we aren't keeping it a secret. 

We are learning about the best treatments, and have second opinion appointments with specialists.   My mantra is we will be ok; we have health insurance, faith, and family.  My dear friend Whitney has helped us connect with an specialist at Georgetown; BJ's brother is connecting him with specialists in Richmond at VCU.  Health insurance covers second opinions and specialists.

We run with music; we walk with different sounds. 

So far, we are positive, and I've even noticed ways this diagnosis may elevate the quality of our life. Like most problems/ailments, exercise is the treatment of choice.  Since the follow-up appointment, BJ is walking Rosie every day, playing "disc golf" with his brother and friends, and making family even more of a priority.

Of course, we are scared and sad.  Well, he says he is not sad; I am. I feel like he has been through enough and I am sorry he has to deal with this.  I have hope, though.  Whitney assures me that there is a lot of research out there; my Dad told me that he is now an expert after scouring the internet  and that early onset PD progresses slowly. I know we have today, and isn't that all any of us are promised?

I'm so thankful I've never rested my faith on circumstances of this world. I neither credit nor blame God for earthly situations; my faith is deeper than that. My faith is in love, light and in the support of the Holy Spirit in every breath I take.  Sometimes, I don't hear that breath -- it gets drowned out by the music or the busyness of life, but lately I find myself leaning into the Spirit, not to ask for anything, but just for its healing presence.  Just like my marriage; in sickness and in health, I seek the companionship of presence. I focus on the breath; the dealings of the present. 

So my take on my birthday, on our summer and on life right now is shadowed by my concern for BJ and the looming diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.  But as Michael J Foxx says, "if you spend time dreading the worst, you have to live it twice."  So, I'm trying to turn my eyes away from the shadow to the beauty of the present.

We are choosing to live this beauty -- the love of family and friends made more meaningful with the backdrop of faith. Of course our mind drifts to the "what ifs" but we are doing all we can by consulting the specialists, keeping active, and treasuring the journey together. I'm glad we didn't "know" on our vacation, but in hindsight, now that we "know" I'm not sure it would change things.  Nothing will take away our love of family, our faith and the gifts of the journey we take together.  I love you, BJ, and am grateful to take this journey with you.

Forget about your life situation and pay attention to your life. Your life situation exists in time. Your life is now. Your life situation is mind-stuff. Your life is real. -Eckkart Tolle

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Plans to Celebrate

The end of March culminates a month of remembering and celebrating the births of my children. . .along with regular scheduled activities like laundry, extra-curricular commitments, delivering Girl Scout cookies and working. We enjoyed celebrating both Molly and Anna Cate with visits from family.   Since the lioness of March forced us to cancel her party on it's originally planned day, we were able to reschedule Molly's party and we had a delightful time.

 She was really happy, and as my Dad says all the time, "when your kids are happy, life is good."

We were thankful many of her friends were able to come a week late. 

 Her turning 5 is a big deal to her and to me. 

Coincidentally, we had Anna Cate's 5th birthday party at Splitsville, too. 

The wall has seen some wear and tear in four years.
So has has my parenting. I didn't do handmade favors or have a custom outfit made for Molly's party, as I had for Anna Cate. I reused the hat and made a last minute Etsy order of a #5 tshirt. I could feel guilty and share on this blog (for posterity) all the excuses -- when Anna Cate was turning 5, she went home to TN for a couple weeks before her party and I had a baby going to sleep at 7 every night, so I had time.  I enjoyed the season in my life when I could do the extra touches, yet rather than lament the time I don't have or my unwillingness to lose sleep or workout minutes over those details, I am going to focus on the fact that Molly was happy and my pleasure that there are are places like Splitsville to make parties happen. She knows she is loved and celebrated.

At the end of the month, we enjoyed a visit from Nana, Aunt Becki and Kitty, whose spring break coincided with Anna Cate's birthday.  Molly and Kitty went to DC with Mom and Becki.  I let Anna Cate stay home from school one day for them to go to a movie and enjoy each other's company. On Saturday, we attended a community Easter party.  

This year rather than a party, Anna Cate got an experience.  So on her actual birthday, her experience was a trip to the zoo, dinner and cupcakes at Georgetown cupcakes. The zoo was a hit. 

 After the zoo, we headed to Georgetown for what I thought was the main experience for Anna Cate. 

 And it was fun, I think. . .but to be honest, it wasn't the best part of the day.  Molly and Kitty were tired and traffic was heavy and I got flustered about which way dinner was and Mom got fussy because she didn't get the group picture she had dreamed of. But life isn't always going to work out where everyone in the picture is ready to be there, and we have to accept that it's ok. 

The very next day, at a yoga class the instructor made two comments that really found meaning in my life. The first was in yoga poses (and in life), the struggle is to find balance between effort and ease. I can apply this in celebrating my children.  Sometimes, the effort doesn't always produce more happiness; I had this perfect experience planned to DC cupcakes but it wasn't great for the whole family. 

The other sentiment shared by the teacher is  a call to find yourself in the space between the breaths, that is where life is (I'm paraphrasing of course.

The "in between" moments of family time or the less-planned activities we experience create the life-force available to us in the most authentic ways.  What Anna Cate and Molly might remember about their birthdays might not be exactly what I planned, but it may be more important. 

“If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts.” Alan Cohen. -- found on a yoga inspirational website

"If you want to find God and happiness with your family, enjoy your children and family time in between all the planned activities." -- Sarah King


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